Video Teardown of BFL ASIC

Well this took a lot longer than I expected. I’m certainly no stranger to a screwdriver but it’s been about a decade since I’ve wielded a soldering iron. I wanted to take the BFL ASIC apart on camera for you guys but I also wanted the commentary to be meaningful and while I’m not a complete hardware noob, I’m hardly the right guy for this particular job.

Thankfully, Las Vegas has a local hackerspace called Syn Shop and they were kind enough to lend me some space, tools and a guy named Nathan who knew a lot more at a glance than I would have found after an hour of googling part numbers. The only downside is that an active hackerspace might not be the best environment for filming, they tend to be a bit noisy… But now I’m rambling, and you want to see the teardown, video and the best pictures my cheap cellphone camera could take, so without further ado…

Note: The above images were resized for web use, aligned and color-corrected in post-production because my phone camera is mediocre at best and the lighting at Syn Shop is pretty harsh. A zip file of the unaltered image files is available here.

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