Visualizing Bitcoin’s Development History (Again)


Every so often my video editing skills improve, or I find a cool new piece of music or some event otherwise occurs that triggers another one of these videos: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to visualize Bitcoin’s development history again! 3 tips so far0.01845 BTC(avg tip 0.00615 BTC)Tip With Bitcoin1EXX9TkmKLGqR5dmTT53tvdy9GZPBhaxwrEach post gets its own unique […]

Cold Storage: Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Cold Storage

In previous installments, we’ve discussed the nature of cold storage and built a cold storage solution using an inexpensive netbook, Lubuntu and Electrum. Today we’re in the home stretch: We’ve built our new toy, we just need to learn how to use it. No tips yet.Be the first to tip!Tip With Bitcoin1HSPMZcjUgFGL26kf8PcM9FKw6Q2Mwg22BEach post gets its […]

Cold Storage: Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Cold Storage

Yesterday I posted part oneĀ of my first ever multipart video series and I’m proud to announce that part two is now available. This time around, we’re actually building a cold storage system using a relatively inexpensive netbook, Lubuntu and Electrum. 1 tip so far0.005121 BTCTip With Bitcoin1LCsd3UDJWQYfKkoNYhVChvNKtBt45fSbPEach post gets its own unique Bitcoin address so […]

Cold Storage: Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Cold Storage

There’s a local Bitcoin lunch I go to most Wednesdays. It’s about the sort of thing you’d expect, a good core group of regulars and a rotating cast of interested novices hanging around, sharing knowledge. What surprised me is that nearly all of these novices (and many of the regulars) have the same exact questions: […]

Bitcoin and Guerrilla Warfare


Attention all Bitcoiners: we need to have a chat. See, I’m a big proponent of this technology and I do, in fact, share many of this group’s shared political views regarding censorship, freedom of speech, freedom of commerce, trade, the legalization of various chemical substances, etc. The points we agree on vastly outnumber those we […]

An Open Letter to Mark Karpeles

Tibanne CEO Mark Karpeles At Mt.Gox Bitcoin Exchange And Bitcoin Images

Hi Mark, Let’s not sugar-coat things, your position is bad. Super bad. MtGox, in its current incarnation at least, is dead or dying and you were the guy holding the wheel when it wrecked. People are calling you “Kerbopples” and making jokes about your sugary desert coffees. Old pictures of you being a dork have […]

On MtGox and Transaction Malleability


Late last night, as most of us here in the U.S. slept soundly, a statement was issued by MtGox, one of the largest and oldest Bitcoin exchanges. The contents of that statement contained allegations that rocked the Bitcoin world and created a panic that saw market values dip nearly 25%. The allegation posed is that […]

Bitcoin vs Shrem:
What You Need to Know About Criminal Complaints


Bitcoin has long suffered from image problems. Naysayers are quick to remind the world that once, there was an entire marketplace dedicated to exchanging bitcoins for drugs and that as fast as it got shut down more spawned to take its place like the Hydra of legend. Thanks to this all-too-common attitude I’ve begun to […]

Market Dip Got You Down? Credit Card Users Had a Worse Week.


Over the last few days, the value of a Bitcoin has dropped dramatically. This is nothing we haven’t seen before, but there are a lot more people in this market now, people who haven’t been through multiple bubbles and crashes, who aren’t hardened and tempered by past experience, people who post the suicide hotline number […]

SnapCard: Filling the Gaps in Bitcoin’s Infrastructure

Screenshot 2013-12-15 13.03.33

It’s not often that I have such an overwhelmingly positive experience with a merchant or service that I feel the need to recommend them publicly, so don’t take this lightly: SnapCard and the people who run it are pretty amazing. The service was excellent, the tech was fairly seamless and they didn’t charge me an […]