Coding In My Sleep Goes to CES

It’s been a slow couple of months here at Coding In My Sleep – between the Bitcoin world taking a much-needed breather (read: nothing much happened) and my personal life exploding/imploding (read: bought a house) I have not been my usual post-a-day self. Well today I break that streak: I’m heading to the 2013 International CES as a special guest of Butterfly Labs and will be doing my best to bring you not only breaking news from the Bitcoin booth (I’ve had a sneak peak of something AMAZING from BFL) but also anything else that catches my eye as I aimlessly wander the convention floor.

I’ll try to update this post with all the latest news, pictures, video, audio or whatever else I get my hands on, but just in case the WordPress Android app fails me yet again (I don’t have the best history with that app…) I may also be posting updates on my twitter feed or
facebook page – which you’re all already following, right?

Stay tuned for more…


Finally found the Bitcoin booth. That’s a minirig on the floor there, big demo to come once they get it set up!


Not sure if there are chips in these, but they appear to be cases and heat sinks for the new asic line.

Just had a brief conversation with Josh from BFL, here is the video, along with their big announcement – android mining!

Just got home from CES day one. Aside from some autocorrect errors (thanks, phone) I would call today a stunning success both for Coding In My Sleep and for Bitcoin in general. There were a lot of people asking a lot of questions and seeming generally receptive to the concepts. What a great day!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for great pics! Please ask, any chips inside? We need mining demo!

    • No chips yet – Josh was actually on the phone with suppliers through much of the day, so rest assured they're hard at work trying to get these things built.

  2. Have BFL announced an official release date for their Jalapeno? (:

  3. blarger says:

    very nice interview. keep us posted

  4. great blog & great interview!

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