Butterfly Labs Releases More Data

Last time I posted about the new Butterfly Labs ASIC designs, I had some pre-release renders to show off. Today I’ve got actual figures! In response to the sudden influx of new participants in the ASIC race, BFL decided the time was right and released some final performance figures. Good news everyone, they’re actually higher than expected – about 50% better in fact. Not only are the hashrate targets going up but the wattage is staying at a pretty comfortable level. So what are these new stats?


  • BitForce Jalapeno
    4.5 GH/s @ 4.5W
  • BitForce Single SC
    60GH/s @ 60W
  • BitForce MiniRig SC
    1,500GH/s @ 1,500W

They do caution that power figures are +/- about 10% of those listed while they finish optimizing their power subsystem. They also announced the release of another product tier that hasn’t yet got a proper name, but they’re calling it the “Little Single” which clocks in at 30GH/s and carries a $649.00 price tag similar to their current line of FPGA singles.

According to BFL all current orders will ship at these numbers, no one will get screwed out of their money by receiving products with the old stats. No word yet on when the “Little Single” becomes available for pre-order/purchase.

I’m sure there’s a vocal group who will decry these new stats as impossible and another sign of the impending collapse of the great “Butterfly Labs Ponzi” of 2012, while others will be excited about the potential for a free increase in hashrate and some final power figures. I’m sure there will also be a group happy to hear the 4.5W Jalapeno power number since that puts it squarely within the wattage limit available from a dual USB 2.0 plug or maybe (no confirmation from BFL, this is just my rampant speculation) even the 5W available on a single USB 3.0 port.¬†Scratch that, Inaba says “No to USB3 and No wall adapter.” Was worth a guess.

So once again, it’s time to take the temperature of the community – what’s your feeling on the stat update from BFL?

What do you think about BFL's new stats?

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  1. maplesyrupghost says:

    dear. god. we are ether looking at the most amazing thing ever to come to bitcoin, or the scam is 'upping the ante' by increasing numbers to get more investors before it blows open.

    i really hope those numbers are true!

    • So do I. It makes sense that the more amazing the claims become the more folks cry "Fraud!" in my poll up there, but I'm hopeful. I've seen and heard a lot more than I can write about from BFL and it makes me cautiously optimistic but as always I vouch for nothing that I haven't held in my hand – though I am trying to get BFL to remedy that. What kind of reporter would I be if I weren't hustling to get the first live review of such a controversial and ground-breaking product? ;-)

    • falconfour says:

      It seems entirely within the realm of possibility… a chip designed to compute hashes as fast as possible, versus a computing architecture being bent to do so? Sure, it seems like it should net figures like that. I'm just mostly concerned about how it's going to completely flip the Bitcoin mining world and affect market prices… these things *are* going to make GPUs obsolete if they're real! They'd only need about 75 of those 1.5thash/sec rigs running to bump the difficulty about three-fold… :o

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