Bitcoin Store Announces Official Launch

After what seems like forever in beta, Bitcoin Store has today announced their official launch with the following press release.:


Bitcoin (and BitcoinStore) is changing the way people are making payments online.

BitcoinStore is now offering half a million different electronics, all for 0% markup, at a price cheaper than anywhere you’ll find online, or offline. This is possible due to the payment system known as Bitcoin. This combination of top-notch suppliers and innovative payment systems allows BitcoinStore to undercut competitors and deliver a clear message to websites only accepting ‘conventional’ payments: adapt or lose.

Bitcoin is a new way to pay for things online. It has been called the Internet’s money, because, like the internet, no one person, organization, or group controls it. This means there is no middleman adding a markup to transactions and no middleman facilitating chargebacks. This allows websites that accept Bitcoin to chop anywhere from 1% to 10% off of the retail price for whatever goods they are selling.

BitcoinStore has taken this discount to the extreme. Roger Ver, CEO of BitcoinStore and MemoryDealers, has decided on a 0% markup policy during BitcoinStore’s first month. That means that every single product on the store is at wholesale pricing through the duration of March.

With the big news of WordPress and Reddit accepting Bitcoin, a question arises. Will the headlines soon read of Bitcoin adoption at Amazon and Newegg? Or will they be left behind as dinosaurs of the PayPal age? They only need to follow along, because BitcoinStore has already paved the way towards better prices with Bitcoin.

The big news in this release, of course, is that for their first month they’ll be running at zero markup, that means you’re buying products at wholesale cost. With so many products at such steep discounts, this may just be Bitcoin’s killer app. Now go out there and spend those coins you’ve been hoarding.

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