BFL Jalapeno Unboxing and Demo


Well everyone, it’s been a long hard road to this point but I can finally officially say without a shadow of a doubt that the Butterfly Labs ASIC miners exist. I know this because I’ve got one sitting next to my laptop happily hashing away as I type these words.

BFL was kind enough to send me a pre-release demo unit so I could show everyone the awesomeness. My understanding is that these are the first handful to roll off the assembly line and that bulk shipping should be progressing soon – but that’s not what you’re here for – you’re here to see the Jalapeno in action, so without further ado…

Note: The video is in 1080p HD, I promise. It just takes YouTube some time to process the higher resolutions and I wanted to get this out there ASAP. Be patient and the 720/1080 options will appear.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    TL;DR: It exists and works, but sucks more power and makes more heat than planned.

  2. Hi, I and I am sure many others really appreciate your video. I am anxiously awaiting my single. I have a June 22nd order so I am one of the very first in line. It has been a long wait. Hopefully, not much longer. Its nice to see the Jalapenos working and this is the first I heard about the new single cases. Thanks again.

    As long as I wake up breathing its all a bonus. Some days not much of a bonus but still a bonus.

  3. thanks for the cool review.

  4. What is a reasonable expectation in regards to solving blocks?

    Do you expect this machine to earn more than 1 block per month at the current difficulty?

    • Kris Olhovsky says:

      "blocks" is not really important. It will earn 0.3 bitcoins per day in a pool right now. Expect that to be more like less than 0.01 bitcoins per day after these things have started shipping in high volume.

      • From a purely investment point of view your stating that this machine will break even in a year?

        Current cost with shipping is $303.00; @ .01 * 365 == 3.65 btc/year * ~$100.00/btc == $365.00, not adjusting for difficulty or btc price changes.

  5. Can you tell us what the new single case looks like? See: 8:45 in the video….


  6. I am soooo freaking jealous!!!

  7. I am soooo freaking jealous!!!


    Grats Dave

  8. Who ships a box with the actual product on the outside of the box.

    • Bob Bitman Bits says:

      Can design an efficient hashing machine,
      Can't put things in a box.

    • We need to all complain to BFL about this. The consequential loss for a customer will not be covered by insurance/replacement in terms of time.

  9. crazyblane says:

    Did you pay for this unit or was it a free review unit?

  10. People complaining about the sound i guess you have never ran GPUs at 85% fan on to keep it cool SMH. Who cares and 30 Watts of power is hardly anything compared to GPUs. I for one know BFL is not as a scam and held tight to my August order. I cannot wait to get my Little Single!

  11. liquidcpu says:

    Thanks for posting this. I was starting to dobut these actually existed.

  12. Great news. Looking forward to getting my single :)

  13. the noise isn't too bad, as mentioned, it's likely a cheap phone mic, so it's sensitive to pitched fan noise. plus, once you take it apart, people will probably try to replace the fan with a custom fan, 92mm ducting, baffles or something to increase airflow/reduce noise. im hoping they deliver soon, it looks good.

  14. Hello David,

    Thanks for the informative review. Very exciting stuff.
    You mentioned that the BTC Guild was hashing around 35% of the network and 51% could be an issue causing concerns.

    I am unclear why a guild or pool gaining a majority of the hashing network is a concern. Can you explain further?

  15. It’s called Mini-USB.

  16. Bytales says:

    If you take it apart, are there mounting holes to mount the miner on a 120mm/92mm/80mm fan mount inside a case ? If so i will order me 3 or 4 of these things !
    Please let me know in a mail


  1. Anonymous says:

    [...]…xing-and-demo/ Citar [...]

  2. [...] Looks like one has been recieved by this guy a little while ago and he made a video from it. One thing I noticed when Josh made his video was the loud noise this thing puts out. I initially assumed it was the OCZ power supply. Now with this video you can clearly tell its the Jalapeno itself. That thing sounds louder than my main i7-3770k desktop pc. I'm glad this guy has one though. I'm kind of curious as to what the singles and little singles are going to sound like. The original Jalepeno design didn't even have a fan if I remember right. Its a shame they had to make so many changes. BFL Jalapeno Unboxing and Demo – Coding In My Sleep [...]

  3. [...] check out what Dave has to say on his blog, it sounds as if he will take a screwdriver to the thing to show us the insides some time [...]

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  5. [...] Perry, author of Coding In My Sleep, was lucky enough to receive a pre-release demo unit of Jalapeno 5 GH/s Asic miner from [...]

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  7. [...] David Perry, un youtuber, a publicado el primer unboxing y demo del famoso jalapeno de Butterfly Labs. Esto es noticia, por eso publico esta entrada ya que Butterfly Labs estaba siendo tildada de Scam y de hacer las cosas bastante mal (y a mi opinion, siguen haciendolas mal). El vídeo esta cayando a mucha gente en todos los foros sobre el Bitcoin. Os dejo una cita de David Perry, la persona que ha hecho el primer unboxing de BFL. (Ver aquí en la página original) [...]

  8. [...] Someone said: “Well everyone, it’s been a long hard road to this point but I can finally officially say without a shadow of a doubt that the Butterfly Labs ASIC miners exist. I know this because I’ve got one sitting next to my laptop happily hashing away as I type these words.” … [...]

  9. [...] first unit to David Perry of Coding in My Sleep. David received the unit Saturday evening, and uploaded a video of himself unboxing and testing it the same [...]

  10. [...] David Perry was lucky enough to receive a developer version of the Jalapeno. As expected and previously announced, the power consumption is way higher than their original intentions, but still pretty good for 5GHash: around 30 Watt. Enough talk, video of a hashing Jalapeno below: [...]

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  13. [...] alcuni dispositivi prova a sviluppatori tra cui David Perry che nel suo blog posta subito un video, in più è datato oggi un articolo di Wired dove Robert McMillan  dichiara che la testata [...]

  14. [...] first unit to David Perry of Coding in My Sleep. David received the unit Saturday evening, and uploaded a video of himself unboxing and testing it the same [...]

  15. [...] box was nondescript, not at all like the fancy boxes that I had seen photos of when Dave from recived the first demo unit last month on the 20th and apart from my address (correct address [...]

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