BFL Jalapeno Unboxing and Demo

Well everyone, it’s been a long hard road to this point but I can finally officially say without a shadow of a doubt that the Butterfly Labs ASIC miners exist. I know this because I’ve got one sitting next to my laptop happily hashing away as I type these words.

BFL was kind enough to send me a pre-release demo unit so I could show everyone the awesomeness. My understanding is that these are the first handful to roll off the assembly line and that bulk shipping should be progressing soon – but that’s not what you’re here for – you’re here to see the Jalapeno in action, so without further ado…

Note: The video is in 1080p HD, I promise. It just takes YouTube some time to process the higher resolutions and I wanted to get this out there ASAP. Be patient and the 720/1080 options will appear.

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-- Download BFL Jalapeno Unboxing and Demo as PDF --