Bitcoin Address Tool Bitcoin Address Tool is a brain-wallet / SHACode Bitcoin utility for the Android platform. The basic concept of a “brain wallet” is that you can memorize some sort of passphrase which can deterministically generate one or more Bitcoin addresses. The idea for BAT came from an old HTC Eris I had sitting around for months. I kept telling myself that there would be some clever use for it, some project which could make good use of a fairly powerful and open device, not powerful enough for the latest games but with plenty of juice for basic computing tasks. One day I was trying to figure out how on Earth I could actually operate a brain wallet securely – I mean I would have to have an entire computer disconnected from the internet semi-permanently which I could guarantee carried no keyloggers – suddenly I realized¬†exactly what an old Android device was good for: viruses, keyloggers, all practically unheard of! Need a guaranteed disconnect from the internet at the push of a button? Airplane mode! A few hours later I had a rudimentary SHA256-based brain wallet application and today it’s fully featured with QR codes, multiple private key formats and is bit-for-bit compatible with Casacius’ popular Bitcoin Address Utility.

D10 Dice RollerD10 Dice Roller is a simple dice-roller app for White Wolf game systems such as the World of Darkness, New World of Darkness and Exalted campaign settings. Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. I’m an avid tabletop gamer and while I typically prefer real dice to digital ones, games based on the White Wolf system often have you rolling absurdly large numbers of dice and picking through them for successes. The day I opened up a sorcery compendium for Exalted and saw a spell that required the rolling of 150d10 I decided it was time to go digital – much to my chagrin, there were only a tiny handful of Android-based dice rollers for this system and, to be honest, they all sucked. Whether it was a threadbare feature set, impossible-to-use UI or simply an inability to correctly count successes, none of the available options worked for my purposes. Thankfully, I knew a bit of Java and it wasn’t long before the first decent dice roller for White Wolf game systems hit the market. Today there are many more options for White Wolf dice rollers but both the trial and paid versions of D10 Dice Roller remain strongly in the top three with over 4,000 combined downloads since its initial release in late 2010.

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