Well of Course I OWN my Competiton

Oh wait, you mean own in a legal sense? Like I’m a co-founder of the company that recently purchased my biggest competitor? No, in that case I don’t.

I’ve got to admit, this one is pretty weird even for me. I’ve been accused of actually being Sonny Vleisides after giving Butterfly Labs a little positive press, I’ve been called biased a lot despite my best efforts to the contrary, but I’ve never been cited in anything quite this weird.

This whole thing probably stems from the fact that I recently covered the acquisition of Bitcoin Magazine by Coin Publishing LLC and surrounding drama between some major shareholders, but in a recently released PasteBin I’m explicitly named as a co-founder of Coin Publishing LLC:

There are unconfirmed reports that J. Matonis (forbes.com), D. Perry (codinginmysleep.com) S. Pair (bitpay.com) and V. Buterin (bitcoinmagazin.com) are co-founders of Coin Publishing LLC and as such are implicated in handling of and benefiting from stolen property.

What’s humorous about this entire ordeal is that elsewhere in the same PasteBin the anonymous poster also copies and pastes publicly available information about the registered agents and members on the LLC filing – which name only Anthony Gallippi, Mihai Alisie and Charles Lee. That’s not entirely damning, it’s possible to co-found something and not be listed on LLC filings, but if I were as involved as our anon friend seems to think I am I’d definitely want the legal protection the LLC offers.

Really the most potent argument I have against the entire idea of myself as a co-founder of Coin Publishing is that Bitcoin Magazine is my direct competitor. I’ve written for the print magazine and I do have friendly chats with Mihai and Vitalik, but I’ve refused direct offers to write for their blog – I consider it to be a conflict of interest. I get along with the Bitcoin Magazine folks just fine and in fact enjoy their company – we’re healthy competitors but competitors none the less. While my readership has slipped in recent times (I just haven’t had time to post) we have on occasion danced around each others’ Alexa ranks and we’re always in contention for the next big scoop. I don’t feel conflicted about writing for the print mag but there’s no way to have a stake in Coin Publishing without also having a stake in their blog and I couldn’t sleep at night or continue to post if I were holding onto that kind of a conflict.

Oh, and by the way, we all know you’re the “anonymous” PasteBin poster Vlad, you can stop trying (poorly) to hide behind your sock puppets.

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