On MtGox and Transaction Malleability


Late last night, as most of us here in the U.S. slept soundly, a statement was issued by MtGox, one of the largest and oldest Bitcoin exchanges. The contents of that statement contained allegations that rocked the Bitcoin world and created a panic that saw market values dip nearly 25%. The allegation posed is that […]

Market Dip Got You Down? Credit Card Users Had a Worse Week.


Over the last few days, the value of a Bitcoin has dropped dramatically. This is nothing we haven’t seen before, but there are a lot more people in this market now, people who haven’t been through multiple bubbles and crashes, who aren’t hardened and tempered by past experience, people who post the suicide hotline number […]

New Bitcoin ASIC Competitor… Or Scammer… Enters the Race


While we’ve all been waiting with bated breath for the latest in the Butterfly Labs saga, or awaiting the arrival of Avalon’s ASIC units, another contender calling themselves “Prime ASIC”¬†claims to have flown in under the radar and developed their own ASIC which they claim is already built, functional and available to order – but […]

Well of Course I OWN my Competiton


Oh wait, you mean own in a legal sense? Like I’m a co-founder of the company that recently purchased my biggest competitor? No, in that case I don’t. No tips yet.Be the first to tip!Tip With Bitcoin1J8Zuo746VVte2QhbjAVXx4Hpk1RqQViaDEach post gets its own unique Bitcoin address so by tipping you’re not only making my continued efforts possible […]

Dwolla Begins PayPal-Style Account Suspensions


Within the Bitcoin community, payment processor Dwolla was pretty popular in its time. They were the preferred method of getting into and out of Bitcoin from the U.S. Dollar specifically because they claimed zero chance of chargebacks and appeared to be a small business run by decent people who weren’t necessarily Bitcoin-friendly but at least […]

Trend Micro Misses Point on “Bitcoin-Mining Malware”


Earlier today, Antivirus maker Trend Micro informed the world via blog post that a Trojan disguised as a component of their own virus scanning software was dropping “Bitcoin-Mining Malware.” Other news sites have been quick to follow and of course it’s making the rounds on the forums. Sadly, every last one of them appears to […]

News Thieves: Am I Over-Reacting?


The outright thievery of content is nothing new on the ‘net. Most of us remember the case of TheOatmeal vs FunnyJunk and its particularly humorous conclusion¬†but sometimes the answers aren’t so cut-and dry. The legalities and specifics of various situations are hardly clear but it seems like the ethics should be. It’s also entirely possible […]

Ponzi Schemes In Plain English


It seems like ages since anyone has actually taken this argument seriously but every now and then a new accusation that Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme crops up. Today’s annoying accusation comes from Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page, and there’s a roiling argument over its removal happening as we speak. The specifics of Wikipedia’s policy on sourcing […]

Confessions of a Pirate Pass-Through Operator


I’ve reported on the Bitcoin Savings & Trust fiasco here before, but for the most part I’ve left the topic alone. This in large part because I like to source my information properly and frankly there just isn’t that much (reliable) information about PirateAt40 and his scheme floating around. The sole exception to this rule […]

Royal Canadian Mint Shuns Bitcoin

Royal Canadian Mint

While Bitcoin has been attempting to bring money into the modern age, it hasn’t been alone. The Royal Canadian Mint has been hard at work developing their own digital transaction system called MintChip. It touts many of the cash-like features that Bitcoin merchants love and is backed by a governmental entity, so it’s lacking a […]