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This isn’t just advertising, if you want to be a sponsor I have to be able to look people in the eye and tell them you’re legit. To that end, I will only accept established, reputable vendors. If I’ve never heard of your business, be prepared for a long wait time while I do my homework.

Is it worth it? Well my opinion is obviously biased but I’d say yes. Because of the way they’re implemented, my sponsors’ advertisements don’t get caught by ad-blocking filters nearly as much, if at all. These ad slots get significantly better impression counts and click-through rates than ads displayed through third-party networks and you also get a guaranteed ad slot without the need to compete, bid or pay a fee to any such third parties.

If you’d like to sponsor this blog, please let me know via the form below.

Note: It seems obvious to me but given that this is primarily a Bitcoin blog, I would prefer payment via Bitcoin – other forms of payment will still be considered, if requested.

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