Market Dip Got You Down? Credit Card Users Had a Worse Week.


Over the last few days, the value of a Bitcoin has dropped dramatically. This is nothing we haven’t seen before, but there are a lot more people in this market now, people who haven’t been through multiple bubbles and crashes, who aren’t hardened and tempered by past experience, people who post the suicide hotline number […]

SnapCard: Filling the Gaps in Bitcoin’s Infrastructure

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It’s not often that I have such an overwhelmingly positive experience with a merchant or service that I feel the need to recommend them publicly, so don’t take this lightly: SnapCard and the people who run it are pretty amazing. The service was excellent, the tech was fairly seamless and they didn’t charge me an […]

Democratic Currency:
Why Bitcoin is So Hard to Regulate

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With the recent Senate hearings that could determine Bitcoin’s fate (in the U.S. at least) there’s one word that’s been on the tip of many a tongue: Regulation. We’re told that Bitcoin could fund terrorism, fuel the “wrong” side of the drug war and even promote that hottest of hot-button issues: child pornography. The answer, […]

Explaining Bitcoin: Greg Dean

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It occurred to me the other day that I’ve spent a lot of time explaining Bitcoin to people. There’s a sort of “standard formula” for explaining Bitcoin that works most of the time, but sometimes you run across a difficult point or just explain Bitcoin to an interesting person or in an interesting way – […]

Another Day in Bitcoin History:
The Million Dollar Purchase


The challenging thing about writing the Bitcoin news is that there are so many things always happening that it’s difficult to decide what’s important and what isn’t. Even more difficult is sourcing your information in a culture built around anonymity and secrecy. Every once in a while, though, something shows up from an already-vetted, trustworthy […]

Is ASIC Mining Unprofitable? Depends on Your Definitions.

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Everywhere you turn it seems someone is trying to convince you that ASIC mining is no longer profitable and you should just pack it in before you even start. “I already sold all my miners on eBay” they say. “You’ll never see ROI” they say. But is it really true? Is ASIC mining really unprofitable? […]

Want Instant Coins? Coinbase Wants to See Your Credit Card.


I’ve long been a fan of coinbase as a quick and easy way to get some bitcoins – as a matter of fact, I seldom feel the need to carry coins in a phone wallet any more since I can simply purchase a few as needed and send them straight from the coinbase app on […]

The Silk Road: A Sane Postmortem


Something big happened yesterday that is either one of the best or worst things to ever happen to Bitcoin: The Silk Road (SR), a popular online “free market” was shut down by the FBI. There was a tremendous surge of speculation and bad information when this story broke that I decided early on I was […]

BitSyncom ASIC Miners Anounced: Will be Auctioned on Tradehill


BitSyncom is one of the oldest ASIC manufacturers, responsible for the Avalon line of products. Today they have announced that their next-gen mining equipment is going to be sold in an auction format thanks to a strategic partnership with Bitcoin exchange Tradehill and a shiny new business model sure to be the envy (or laughing […]

Does Bitcoin Need a Private Trust?


One of the bigger pieces of Bitcoin news lately is of course the foundation of SecondMarket’s Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT). If, like me, you frequent the Bitcoin subreddit, you’ve probably seen the news posted a dozen times by now. If, like me, you also read the comments on Reddit then you also know that a lot […]