Final Case Designs From BFL

I spent most of the day on Tuesday chatting with the folks from BitPay and Butterfly Labs at the Bitcoin booth at CES. There was a little news, a lot of fun, and plenty of interest in Bitcoin from passing businesses and end users alike. What wasn’t there was a good camera and a studio, so the few shots of the prototype cases I was able to take with my phone camera were, shall we say, inadequate. Thankfully, I just received an email from BFL chock full of fancy studio shots of their upcoming ASIC line. There’s no real news attached, so I’ll just jump straight to the pics.

Note: It’s come to my attention that users of Internet Explorer 8.0 or below may not be able to properly view the above slideshow correctly. While my knee-jerk reaction is “then get a real browser” I’m tapping out this post on a loaner laptop from my work that I don’t have privilieges to install anything on, so I feel your pain. Here’s a zip file of the images if you’re being forced to use IE against your will.

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  1. I have been researching these things extensively. They seem pretty cool!
    If I wanted to return to college and learn more about this type of technology, computer stuff…what do I go to school for? Programming, and all this techie stuff really excites me! I just don't know how to start…Online courses would rock since I am in very rural idaho..

    • Programming would be if you want to write the software that runs these things. If you want to learn how they work or how to build them you want Electronics Engineering and it's fairly unlikely you'll be able to do all of the classes for an EE degree online since any decent college will require you spend some quality time with a soldering iron for that.


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