The Silky Smooth Sounds of Nerddom

Codex Nerdicus

Or, y’know, my dorky voice talking with an old friend about nerdy stuff. You could describe it that way too… I’ve been so busy with all the drama and illness lately that I damn near forgot to mention my latest project – a podcast┬ácalled Codex Nerdicus. My old friend Dave Wolfe and I have had […]

Stem Cells Cure Deafness in Gerbils

Hearing Aid

It’s been estimated that there are about 28 million people in the U.S. suffering from hearing problems, and as many as 1 in a thousand are born profoundly deaf. Cochlear implants can have a dramatic effect on those whose deafness is caused by damage to sensory “hair cells” in the cochlea, but for the many […]

Reading is Good For Your Brain. YOU’RE WELCOME.


Today in the “obvious science is obvious” category: A Stanford University study confirms that reading is good for your brain. Turns out all this blogging is a bona fide public service after all! What’s the big deal? I mean, this only seems to confirm things we already knew (or at least suspected) but we have […]

Scientific Flag-Planting

NASA flag

I stumbled across something interesting in my typically-dull DBM380 homework today. Apparently at some point a number of individuals have rigidly codified something which I always assumed was common sense in the DBA world: normalization. In the world of databases, normalization is the process by which a database is structured (or re-structured) to reduce or […]