Bitcoin Development History – Visually (Again…)

A while back I stumbled across an excellent version control visualization tool called Gource and it’s sparked a minor obsession in “watching” developers do their thing from sort of a 10,000 foot view. Back in January I made a Gource video of the bitcon/bitcon repo on GitHub, though my local copy was quite out of date and I didn’t have access to very good music so what you got was sloppy, poorly compiled and had YouTube-provided music that barely matched the video. Still, it did pretty good, compared to the stuff I was posting back then and now that I’ve got the time and tools, I figured you all deserved a better copy, so here it is.

Points of interest include the first appearance of current lead developer Gavin Andresen at 0:50 and a furious explosion of activity at 1:47 (that actually syncs up nicely with the music this time).

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  1. Nice! Good music. Couple nitpicks if you can easily normalize the input history: around 1:05 "Gavin Andresen" leaves and "gavinandresen" shows up for awhile. I also saw Satoshi Nakamoto and something like "–author=Satoshi Nakamoto" at the same time. The same types of things may be happening with other developers.

    For bonus points put as many avatars/photos of the devs in as you can, maybe with Gravatar ( if any of the devs use it. :)

    • I'm not sure how hard it would be to modify Gource to handle all of the above, especially the gravatar option. I am, however, pretty certain I don't have the time to do said modifications – at least not at the moment… Good suggestions though!

  2. just so you know, I was going to post this to twitter, but your tweet button requires connecting my account, which is stupid and unnecessary. cool video though.

    • Both the top and bottom twitter buttons are handled by Shareaholic, an extremely popular social plugin for WordPress. It's currently got about 1.7 million downloads so if you've got a problem with the way my twitter button works, you're going to have a problem with a LOT of twitter buttons work.

      In any case, if you've got a problem with the way the twitter button works, I'm not the guy to complain to, I didn't write the plugin – these guys did:… – if you have valid feedback for them, I'm sure they'd love to hear it.

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