Hi, I’m David Perry, author of Coding In My Sleep. I’ve also written short books on SQL and the science/biology behind weight loss. I’ve spent over twenty years of my life obsessed with technology (I started when I was seven) and the obsession with technology has led to other interesting and erudite studies.

There are a lot of phrases and words that accurately describe me, but to attempt to categorize my ideologies would be foolish. While there are certain ideologies that I hold above others I’ve learned all too well that everything is a case-by-case basis and to even attempt describing my philosophies in a few words is asking for failure.

The world’s problems are non-trivial and require non-trivial solutions. It is my belief that the solution is not to espouse one ideology or another, assign names and groups to every system and rigidly define our beliefs, but to sponsor a campaign of education and interest. People should strive to understand the economic, sociological and technological systems that run our world. They should be educated on their basics and capable of ┬ámaking intelligent decisions on individual issues. Only when we stop defining our lives with rules that must always hold true and begin assessing individual scenarios with the attention they deserve will we ever have a fully functional system of government or economy.

I’m also heavily into technology. I’m a web developer by trade and I’m absolutely fascinated with encryption and the concept of entropy in general. You’ll almost never find me without a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone in my hand. I may not speak hexadecimal or binary as fluently as base 10 but my foundation in math and science is quite solid and I can’t help but wonder what a world where everyone had such fundamentals would be like.

I intend to tackle some serious topics on this blog, from economics to sociology to game theory, privacy, encryption and (quite a bit lately) Bitcoin. We’ll discuss the constitution, individual laws, the scope of law in general as well as the merits of great minds like Hayek, Keynes, Dijkstra and Satoshi. We’ll discuss the past, the present and the future as well as examining cases where the fundamentals work and cases where they don’t. While there is sure to be the occasional mindless humor post, the majority of what you find here should make you think. I want you to use your brains, live in the gray area and contemplate everything – to be critical of much and accepting of little. If I can make you reconsider, even for a moment, at least one long-held belief then I will consider myself to have been a success.

It’s worth noting, by the way, that “Coding In My Sleep” is not a boast – it’s a goal. The goal isn’t to become so good as to merit the boast, either. Think of it in the terms of Taoist philosophy; I aspire to some day program Wu Wei. The concept is often mis-labeled as “Zen Programming” which actually refers to the emptying of the mind to seek answers in clarity; Wu Wei is the Taoist philosophy of “natural action.” As applied to coding, this would mean that a master could program without much (or any) thought or effort simply because it is in his or her nature to write good code; they are essentially “coding in their sleep.”

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