About Us

Coding In My Sleep is a leading Bitcoin and disruptive technology blog. Founded and primarily authored by David Perry, Coding In My Sleep is now home to a small team and is expanding rapidly.

Our Values

At its roots, Coding In My Sleep is a blog about disruptive technologies and the people that are passionate about them. One such technology, Bitcoin, tends to dominate the conversation. We believe that Bitcoin is an incredibly important innovation and that the push towards decentralization is an inherently good thing.

We’re also big on personal responsibility and freedom. We value efficacy and inquisitiveness over hierarchy and dogma. We’d much rather ask for forgiveness than permission and we love technologies that do the same.

The Team

C1_2038_1_circleDave Perry
Founder and Primary Author. Guy who writes all the things. Geek, Gamer, Mad Scientist. Also a “Bitcoin Technologist” if business cards are to be believed.
C1_2038_2_circleJill Perry
Founder’s Wife and Graphics Genius. Princess of Photoshop, Illustrious Illustrator, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons.
C1_2038_3_circleZlatko Bijelic
Business Guru. Prince of Projects, Herder of Cats, Great Bearded One and Zen Master. Guy who does the jobs the “creatives” can’t, won’t (or shouldn’t) do.


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