Hi, I’m David Perry, author of Coding In My Sleep. I’ve also written a short book on SQL. I’ve spent over twenty years of my life obsessed with technology (I started when I was seven) and the obsession with technology has led to other interesting and erudite studies.

Somewhere along the way I ran into a wonderful new toy: Bitcoin. Overnight I was hooked – nothing gets my attention faster than a really simple solution to a really difficult problem. If you go back through the archives you may find some posts on general tech, programming, video games and even a little philosophy but these days it’s mostly Bitcoin. Today I work almost exclusively in the field and have in fact made something of a name for myself breaking some of the biggest early stories in the Bitcoin world.

I never set out to be a journalist, more a “chronicler of awesome things,” but I do consider myself a man of science and both are quests in the pursuit of truth. To that end, I highly encourage constructive audience participation. If I’m wrong, tell me. Assuming your sources check out I’m usually happy to amend articles. I want everything on my site to be both relevant and correct. That said, there’s a lot here now and I’m only one person. Don’t take anything I say as gospel truth, check my “facts” the same way I’d check yours and call me on it when I’m wrong. I’m not finding truth for you, we’re all seeking truth together.


I repeat this more than I’d like: “Coding In My Sleep” is not a boast – it’s a goal. I think of it like Taoist philosophy; I aspire to some day program Wu Wei. The concept is often mis-labeled as “Zen Programming” which actually refers to the emptying of the mind to seek answers in clarity; Wu Wei is the Taoist philosophy of “natural action.” As applied to coding, this would mean that a master could program without much (or any) thought or effort simply because it is in his or her nature to write good code; they are essentially “coding in their sleep.”


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