Newegg Is Officially Participating in Bitcoin Black Friday


It’s official, Bitcoin Black Friday is a big deal. Remembering back to when this thing started I wasn’t sure anyone of note would participate. Today the idea of any Bitcoin-accepting business not capitalizing on Bitcoin’s own massive holiday sale is inconceivable. There has been a lot of anticipation leading up to this year’s Bitcoin Black Friday: A lot of new businesses have jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon and the idea of some of the bigger ones taking part in BBF 2014 has many of us salivating. I’m happy to announce that one of those drool-inducing dreams has in fact come true! According to organizer Jon Holmquist, Newegg is officially participating in Bitcoin Black Friday. [Read more…]

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2FA: What It Is, How It Works and When It Can’t Save You


Bitcoin is the exception to a lot of rules, but there’s one universal truth even it can’t escape: Wherever there is money to be stolen, someone will try to steal it – and occasionally they will succeed. They will succeed because the tools we build are imperfect, certainly, but they will also succeed because we’re imperfect and we use those tools imperfectly or worse, not at all. Today I’d like to discuss one such tool: Two-factor authentication. [Read more…]

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Full Time Bitcoin (Blogger)!


About this time last year I announced the first of many major life changes: I was going full-time Bitcoin. Like most optimistic posts about starting new chapters in one’s life, some of my statements were prescient and some of them were way off-base. For example: The idea that working for startups would somehow give me more time to write seems quite laughable in retrospect. The last several months have been wall-to-wall insanity – at one point I had five jobs. Five… But now I’m back to make more crazy claims and hopefully this time around I can make them accurately because my one-and-only new job… well… you’re looking at it. [Read more…]

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Paper Wallets Aren’t Cold Storage

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I don’t want this to degrade into a trollfest so I want to open with this: Paper wallets are a great tool that can add a lot of security to your Bitcoin storage. Strictly speaking, a paper wallet is much more secure than storing coins on your phone, desktop or in a web wallet. They are a good thing and people should use them more. But they’re not cold storage.

This isn’t one of those things where I’m being overly pedantic either, the difference actually matters in a number of important ways and you can in fact lose money by not being aware of the difference. [Read more…]

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Satoshis, Bits, Millies and Mikes:
The “Rebasing Bitcoin” Debate


Bitcoin has taught us all a number of lessons about the nature of decentralized systems. Many of Bitcoin’s most innovative technologies arise directly from the challenges created by such systems – mining is a distributed issuance mechanism, the blockchain itself is a distributed trust mechanism – but some things, it seems, we still have to figure out via internal squabbling and the painful process of establishing a consensus manually. One such issue is exactly how to denote Bitcoin transaction amounts. [Read more…]

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